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Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose the Calvary Adelaide Emergency Department (CAED) or the Buderim Private Emergency Centre you will have access to timely, private care, and be treated personally by an emergency physician, alongside experienced emergency nurses, in a modern facility. If you need to be admitted to hospital, each ED has a wide variety of medical specialists on call.

Care 24-7 advocates for community choice in healthcare. We operate independently of the public healthcare system and as a private healthcare provider, the out-of-pocket fee means we can provide you with the highest level of expert, personalised care, including:

  • a lower wait time and faster access to treatment;
  • personal attention by a team of highly qualified emergency doctors and nurses;
  • comfortable, state-of-the art facilities;
  • 24-7 access to a roster of specialists and surgeons

Our emergency departments cater for most types of emergency cases, including cardiac, respiratory, neurological, neurosurgical, gastrointestinal issues, orthopaedic conditions, sports injuries and a range of other medical and surgical conditions.

Some emergencies and conditions are best catered for in a public hospital emergency department, including trauma from road accidents, acute mental health problems, acute stroke, major burns, obstetric and maternity conditions.

Yes. Our specialists care for children over two (2) years old presenting with minor injuries only, for example skin abrasions, cuts and minor burns, sprains and injuries from falls, including fractures.

Children who have been involved in major trauma or who have coughs, rashes, breathing problems, temperatures, vomiting or other medical conditions should be taken immediately to your local public hospital emergency department.

Yes, however if you do not have private health insurance, please be aware that there may be additional costs on top of the Doctor Consultation Fee, which you will also need to pay.

No. Neither private health insurance nor Medicare cover the Doctor Consultation Fee.

Our doctors will liaise with an admitting medical specialist, and you will then be transferred to a public hospital.

Yes, we treat workplace injuries – and you will not be charged any out-of-pocket fees. Please note however that should the claim be denied, you will be required to pay the bill (i.e. if found not to be work related).

Services to Veteran’s Health Card holders are paid for by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs which means no out-of-pocket expenses for you with the appropriate DVA Health Card.

Yes, although travellers from overseas countries are not generally eligible to claim the Medicare rebate from the Australian Government. Therefore, we charge $625, plus the cost of Medicare consultation fees, tests or other services from our partner providers.

You may be able to claim this back from your travel insurance provider, depending on the policy you have.

If you are an Australian resident and hold a Medicare card, a portion of the cost of your visit will be covered. However, an out-of-pocket fee will also apply, as detailed below. This information is current on 9 December 2022 and subject to change without notice.

Calvary Adelaide Emergency Department

The minimum out-of-pocket fee of $460.00 is payable on all attendances.

There is no out-of-pocket fee if you present with a Workcover injury or via self-insured companies.

There is no-out-of-pocket fee for Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients.

Other fees

If you need a blood test, it will be undertaken by Clinpath and you will be bulk billed by them. If you require imaging, it will be undertaken by Dr Jones and Partners and you will be billed separately by them.

Buderim Emergency Centre

A standard out-of-pocket fee of $350 is payable on all attendances. The fee is inclusive of an Emergency Centre specialist consultation, radiology and pathology. X-rays and blood tests are covered by Medicare.

If you hold a relevant concession card, or are under 17 years of age, the out-of-pocket fee will be $220.

There is no out-of-pocket fee if you present with a Workcover injury or via self-insured companies.

There is no-out-of-pocket fee for Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients.

Other fees

Out of hours radiology:

Radiology fees are billed and collected directly by Buderim EC’s radiology provider, iMED, and capped at a maximum of $300.

For ultrasounds performed on public holidays, after 5 pm and on weekends, and any CT scans or general X-rays completed on public holidays, after 7 pm and on weekends, the fees are as follows:

  • CT or XR requested individually: $150 per modality unless requested in combination;
  • CT and XR requested in combination: $150;
  • Ultrasounds (US): $150.

Feedback or account issues related to radiology should be addressed directly with iMED by phoning (07) 5373 2900.

Infectious disease:

If you require an accelerated test for infectious disease, this can cost $50.00 and will be billed to you by our partner, QML Pathology.

Yes, you can book an iron infusion at the Calvary Adelaide Emergency Department by phoning the reception team on (08) 8227 7000. The fee is $250.

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